Thursday Cindy had a doctors appointment and we had an appointment with the lawyer to finish up our wills, so Chance was going to take me in and meet Cindy, as he had an appointment to drop his pickup off for some work… we planned to leave about 11 am… Chance had a heifer calving and after an hour an no calf he ran her in and found a foot back, so he pushed the head back, got the foot out but then the calf would throw his head back instead of leaving his nose on his front legs, as in a normal presentation.. we struggled and fought and decided maybe we better get someone to do a C section.. couldn’t find anyone free and then I had a thought, so we got her to stand and I managed to get a piece of smooth write around his head and looped under his jaw, Chance pulled on the head, I pulled on the legs.. we got him started good but still was not coming so we hooked on to with the calf puller and got him out.. poor little heifer didn’t want to get up.. we rushed to town and got there in time… fast forward to this morning … when Chance checked on the heifer he could see something wasn’t right and she smelled terrible.. so he ran his hand in and sure enough there was another calf in there, dead long enough it was slipping hair.. all Chance could find was the head, no feet, so we thought to call Dr Julie and she came and managed to reach in and get it hooked on to and pulled out, in pieces.. oh it was rotten! She gave the heifer quite a few different drugs and hosed her out.. hopefully she will make it but probably won’t be able to raise the calf.. time will tell… this late afternoon Chance went with me to help and I rode my sort of colt.. he’s 7 and had plenty of riding a couple years ago but only once last year.. he’s got a lot of life and always real watchy.. Callen had come and rode him once for me a week or so ago and I rode him once after that but it was a short ride.. so seeing it was about 80, I saddled him, worked him in the round corral while Chance saddled up and away we went.. we trotted and loped about 3 or 4 miles and came out over west where a bunch of pairs were that needed moved, we opened the gates, got out of the way and they almost moved themselves.. decided I could be more help on a broker horse and we had a bunch more pairs to move, so we rode home, I caught Mijo and we went south and started kicking pairs north.., Tate called, He’d been to town, and I told him to get horseback and ride down and bring tags.. we got most of them kicked north and tagged 6 or 7 that were born today since I check in the morning… we had to drive back down and get a calf from one of Tates boughten cows who is real old and thin and won’t be able to raise a calf… so we rushed back and  got him, Tate fed him and another calf from an old cow and when I cam ion the house it was about 8:30… I’m tired. Got more brandings this week and thru’ the weekend…

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