We are definitely calving…

We got 7 today… Chance and I rode up and kicked pairs out and had quite a tussle with a wild rip who wouldn’t go thru’ a gate… Me and Gabe and Lige went down and brought the cows back from down south, leaving 4 new pairs… we had Sunkist for a lead steer and he worked real good.. (Chance in the orange tractor with a bale) they followed him and we just rode along… Chance went back and roped the stupid cows calf as her mother had come in with the bunch and Tate drove down and deposited him out in the cows where the mother found him.. I was feeding them hay. We probably won’t go back down there now until summer. It was good while it lasted. Real nice calving pasture, roll with some deep draws and high hills, but no water except at a tank and not good protection from a storm and real pain to move pairs north across the road… guess somebody ought to plant some trees down there and get it set up for a calving pasture! Sure saved a lot of hay.. I canned a breech cow of mine and Chance has one who is her running mate, they were both out this morning but now are in the corral and will stay there for the duration or when ever we decide to haul them to a sale.. mine won’t sell very good, so may have to just deal with her and then butcher her for hamburger or something as she ain’t very fat… One of Chances new heifers calved this morning .. we have them sorted off.. too many bunches around her and not enough good places to keep the,m. He has been working on fixing up some of these smaller tree patches to keep them in as they calve.. once they calve they can go out with thew other pairs… but he wants to keep them close and keep an eye on them, if they all calve as easy as this one did, there shouldn’t be any problems… found out Molly is for sure a cow dog tonight, as we were sorting, we got Chances cow behind a gate and Molly was sure trying to bite her in the face for getting to close.. good dog, good dog! 😀 Got some weather coming in.. don’t know if it will amount to much but at least we got all the cattle handier to get to protection if we need it…

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