Been a week since last I wrote in here… I must be busy! Not sure at what. just checking cows, working on leather, feeding a little, moved some rocks… weather has been warm and windy/. We have some rain snow supposed to be coming in tomorrow evening and hanging around for a few days. It is April, so to be expected.. been getting a calf or two about every day. I think I’ll go move some pairs this morning and then cows this afternoon. Chance and I went up north and he came back with 18 new bred heifers… the guy he got them from brought the last of them in his trailer that evening… we had the first calf from one this morning.. Hope you all have a Blessed Easter. It’s not about bunnies, folks…

5 thoughts on “Dang

  1. Blessings and prosperity to your family, friends and you Sir. Ifin I see that rabbitt we’re havin broiled wabbit & fries…!!!

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