Hither and yon

Is where I went today. Met Brent at Punkin Center a bit before noon and we ate lunch then I brought him back here, he got a load of gravel on the truck and headed it home. I hauled some more big rocks back in the bucket of the skid steer for the house… this afternoon, Tate and Kass went to town for something as did Chance and Hope.. they left Gabe so after he got his homework done, he helped me feed and then we saddled up and kicked pairs out.. went well and the wind died down.. real nice evening out there… going to get below freezing tonight and there is a chance for some snow by morning and then some rain… wish I was in Waverly to watch the horse sale tomorrow.. someday…

2 thoughts on “Hither and yon

  1. You would absolutely love the Waverly horse sale. Waverly was my hometown growing up and I’ve been to the sale many times. There is so much equipment that it takes two days just to get thru it. The draft horse part of the sale is amazing. Watching the horses come in the ring is spectacular. You will meet some wonderful people and the sale is run really well and very efficiently. They have their stuff together!

    1. I’;ve wanted to go for years. I thought this was the year, but it didn’t work out.. I’d probably just get stupid and buy something I wanted but didn’t need!

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