I went up to Chance and Hopes this morning and Chance said he’d help me drive Wren, hooked to Ron and Roz. Marshal was there so he came along to. We got them all caught and hooked up, 3 abreast.. drove out and hooked just Ron and Wren to the wagon, with Wren tied back to Ron and Roz. Roz was just along for the drive and kind of an anchor on Wren on the outside… Didn’t go to bad until we tried to back up to a bale and Ron couldn’t pull both Wren and Roz around, to get lined up to a bale. So Chance watched them and I got Roz unhooked, Marshal took her and we commenced to backing up and getting a bale with just Wren and Ron hooked up. Chance got the gate and waited while I went and fed that bale… got that done and when headed back Wren would grab herself and take off and we had a mild kind of runaway for awhile. I just pulled Ron to the inside of the circle and after a bit she slowed up enough so I could get them stopped… I realized I did not have her tied back short enough to Ron’s hame.. so I’d go and stop, go and stop.. finally got back to the gate where Chance and Marshal were waiting, Chance shortened up the halter rope and they got on and away we went.. Chance would trade off on the lines with me as they were really pulling on your hands, hard.. by golly by the time we got the 6th bale fed, things were going good. I left them harnessed and am going out after bit and haul out some more hay for them for tomorrow, as we are going to work them all. I bet Wren will sleep real good tonight! I know I am tuckered out and my hands are sore, but it was a good deal for the team and probably for my fat old body! 😀

For those unfamiliar, this ins what 3 abreast looks like.. this was form a previous session, last year…IMG_1943

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