Cold this morning, but warmed up a bit by afternoon, supped to be in the 30’s tomorrow and 40’s the next day.. I have an appointment with a Physical therapist tomorrow, to try and get to the bottom of my shoulder pain.. it’s not anything I’ve dealt with before and I hope it’s something therapy can fix, sure not looking forward to any surgery.. not only the pain but the time laid up and not able to use your arm. I know several who’ve had it and they’ve all had to adapt.. some think they are better at least one thinks he’s no better off..

I worked on leather today and started my Lenten observances… Mass tonight at 8.

Tate and Chance got some dirt filled in and packed on the front of the house foundation yesterday, looks like we are going to need some dirt moved and piled up to get it all filled in and leveled the way we want… but we got plenty of dirt, just have to decide where to dig and how deep… Tate and Chance and I worked on the skid steer. a job the shop said would take 2 hours.. we did it in about a half hour and we ain’t even good mechanics! It did go real well, especially considering that  we don’t have very good tools like they do in them shops in town,

Supposed to get a couple truck loads of small rock hauled in in the next few days so we can put it around the foundation with a pipe to carry any water away before it can come into the basement…