What’s with that? Here we are all in spring time mode and it has the audacity to snow?!!!!!! Man, this is a crazy country… seriously, it is still February and we didn’t get anything like them folks back in  the northeast… well, not THIS time… is it wrong to be smug about that?:D

I do feel for them, at least when we get dumped on here, we are usually pretty prepared..and have dealt with it many many times… heck it takes a lot for us to have to call off school, well out here in the country at least. Tho’ I guess we have to do what ever they do in town.. another gripe of mine, but a waste of time to complain…

Cindy had an appointment for a simple test in town with the Doc so I drove her in.. we even made it on time, tho’ the roads didn’t look very good, but that Nitro is a snowy road, driven’ rascal! Got that done. I drooped off my glasses the pup chewed up for repairs (she is such a good dog!) Cindy did some shopping and we came home.. I even got in a bit of a nap.. hopefully the worst is past with this cold and tomorrow I will be back to par, or close to it..Then I get to go to a Doctor on Thursday… oh joy… okay, not a doctor per say, but a physical therapist and see if he can help my shoulders… oh, and the snow was not around here or had melted by the time we got back…

2 thoughts on “Snow?

  1. I don’t think we’ll be seeing spring anytime soon! The snow is piling up and the temps are going down. The thing around here is that the mountains and the population doesn’t let the snow blow to far and it drops and just keeps piling up in one spot. Thank goodness, we don’t live in Boston, they are really getting dumped on.

    I wouldn’t feel bad about being smug either, because when you get it worse than we do, I will be the smug one 😉

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