Well, it isn’t a torn rotator cuff as I was worried about, just everything is real tight and bound up, needs to be stretched out, so the Doc gave me some things to do to see if we can do it… I go back in 3 weeks.. that was great news!

Warmed up and real nice.. This is Gabe, our oldest grandson’s 10th birthday today. Happy Birthday Gabe.. couple more years and he can take over and do all my work!

5 thoughts on “Great!

  1. That is indeed GREAT news. I prescribe getting it some exercise in the nice salt air close to the beach in Santa Barbara the first part of June. 😀

    1. I am sure that would help Mike, but…. I have a paying gig that weekend.. already on the books, can’t back out now.. ‘sides… seems there are young men around here who think I need to be taking care of their cattle at that time of the year… you have fun for me and I bet that will help!

  2. That is good news! Hopefully your therapist will work on it some with ultrasound and massage…for me the ultrasound worked to break or loosen it up and then a couple of deep massages and I was good to go…I also got a cortisone shot. It takes time to heal…watch how you pick stuff up…keep your lifting in line with your body and not off to the side:)

    1. Nope, no shot or massage, just some therapy exercises I have to do twice a day. They seem to be helping.. I do have cortisone pills I keep on hand for when my tendonitis gets real bad and I can’t fix it by manipulation, I was taught to do many years ago.

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