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Got the last of the concrete poured in the bottom of the basement today. Also, since we had a truck coming we got a bit extra and poured a pad inside the door of the shed. Then we went up and pushed rock in a crossing up west, that we had them drop off the other day… then we went down to Punkin Center and got some light switches to fix the lights in the shed hopefully and some lice pour on for the cows when we run them thur’ and get every thing tagged before calving.. the house now is ready for a lot of carpentry.. got several loads in for the floor system, a load of logs to be milled, they came in the other day…. now, if I’d just get some saddles built things would be going swimmingly!

Supposed to cold up for a few days.. but pretty nice today.

Well, it isn’t a torn rotator cuff as I was worried about, just everything is real tight and bound up, needs to be stretched out, so the Doc gave me some things to do to see if we can do it… I go back in 3 weeks.. that was great news!

Warmed up and real nice.. This is Gabe, our oldest grandson’s 10th birthday today. Happy Birthday Gabe.. couple more years and he can take over and do all my work!

Cold this morning, but warmed up a bit by afternoon, supped to be in the 30’s tomorrow and 40’s the next day.. I have an appointment with a Physical therapist tomorrow, to try and get to the bottom of my shoulder pain.. it’s not anything I’ve dealt with before and I hope it’s something therapy can fix, sure not looking forward to any surgery.. not only the pain but the time laid up and not able to use your arm. I know several who’ve had it and they’ve all had to adapt.. some think they are better at least one thinks he’s no better off..

I worked on leather today and started my Lenten observances… Mass tonight at 8.

Tate and Chance got some dirt filled in and packed on the front of the house foundation yesterday, looks like we are going to need some dirt moved and piled up to get it all filled in and leveled the way we want… but we got plenty of dirt, just have to decide where to dig and how deep… Tate and Chance and I worked on the skid steer. a job the shop said would take 2 hours.. we did it in about a half hour and we ain’t even good mechanics! It did go real well, especially considering that  we don’t have very good tools like they do in them shops in town,

Supposed to get a couple truck loads of small rock hauled in in the next few days so we can put it around the foundation with a pipe to carry any water away before it can come into the basement…

What’s with that? Here we are all in spring time mode and it has the audacity to snow?!!!!!! Man, this is a crazy country… seriously, it is still February and we didn’t get anything like them folks back in  the northeast… well, not THIS time… is it wrong to be smug about that?:D

I do feel for them, at least when we get dumped on here, we are usually pretty prepared..and have dealt with it many many times… heck it takes a lot for us to have to call off school, well out here in the country at least. Tho’ I guess we have to do what ever they do in town.. another gripe of mine, but a waste of time to complain…

Cindy had an appointment for a simple test in town with the Doc so I drove her in.. we even made it on time, tho’ the roads didn’t look very good, but that Nitro is a snowy road, driven’ rascal! Got that done. I drooped off my glasses the pup chewed up for repairs (she is such a good dog!) Cindy did some shopping and we came home.. I even got in a bit of a nap.. hopefully the worst is past with this cold and tomorrow I will be back to par, or close to it..Then I get to go to a Doctor on Thursday… oh joy… okay, not a doctor per say, but a physical therapist and see if he can help my shoulders… oh, and the snow was not around here or had melted by the time we got back…

Dark when we quit, three truck loads.. I am fighting a cold, Cindy has Bronchitis and sinus infection.. or something or other…

IMG_20150213_134439 IMG_20150213_161743

Getting things done…

IMG_20150212_161115 IMG_20150212_112448

I went in to the doc the other day about shoulder pain, she did blood work and x rays.. all my stuff is good as far as blood work, I was pretty sure i still had some running thru’ me, but you know Doctors, won’t take my word for anything! Nothing in the X-ray, so i guess they are going to hook me up with a Physical Therapist… Chance and i ran down to the Stockshow today and watched the bucking horse sale, pretty good one, they all bucked, seen one real good one that brought 15,000.. sure didn’t see any I wanted to take home and make into a saddle horse,. tho’ some didn’t buck any harder than some Chance used to break to ride…we were talking about going to Hill City tomorrow night for the open mic, but sounds like everyone is weening out on me. I may just have to go by myself! If at all.. Tate and Chance started laying the foam blocks for the house yesterday… Tate got more done today… quite the deal, stack them like leggo’s and they are hollow, you put rebar in and then fill them with cement.. it’s starting to look more like a house.. snapped a picture or two with my phone but haven’t even looked to see if they worked… nice today and supposed to stay in the 40’s to 50’s the next few days, I’ll take it!

IMG_20150206_160148 IMG_20150206_160157 IMG_20150206_160209

Okay, I did make them work!

Got the cement poured for the footings of the house today..Wyatt came and helped.. sure glad he did! Man, that boy is a worker! Well, I guess really.……. he ain’t a boy, a young man! 😀

Got another saddle tree in today, so I guess I better get serious.. heading in to the Doc in the morning, see if my shoulder pain is rotator cuff or not.. did some research and sounds like you can heal them if they are not too bad, without surgery… but sounds like it has to rest.. a lot! That really doesn’t fit into my plans for the future real we’ll… 😉

Coldish but warming up.. supposed to get into the 30’s.. little snow from the other day… we didn’t get what they got in the Black Hills.. went out and used the team for the first time in a few days, Grand daughter went along for the first bale and then froze out so went to the house.. pup got accidentally stepped on by the team so she said to heck with it and went and pouted on the steps… felt good to get out in it again.. been sickly, got over it and had to drive the misses to town for her work yesterday morning… I went on to Rapid and killed time at the Stockshow.. not much worth looking at or buying… dang, I must be getting old…