One thing and another

I went in to the doc the other day about shoulder pain, she did blood work and x rays.. all my stuff is good as far as blood work, I was pretty sure i still had some running thru’ me, but you know Doctors, won’t take my word for anything! Nothing in the X-ray, so i guess they are going to hook me up with a Physical Therapist… Chance and i ran down to the Stockshow today and watched the bucking horse sale, pretty good one, they all bucked, seen one real good one that brought 15,000.. sure didn’t see any I wanted to take home and make into a saddle horse,. tho’ some didn’t buck any harder than some Chance used to break to ride…we were talking about going to Hill City tomorrow night for the open mic, but sounds like everyone is weening out on me. I may just have to go by myself! If at all.. Tate and Chance started laying the foam blocks for the house yesterday… Tate got more done today… quite the deal, stack them like leggo’s and they are hollow, you put rebar in and then fill them with cement.. it’s starting to look more like a house.. snapped a picture or two with my phone but haven’t even looked to see if they worked… nice today and supposed to stay in the 40’s to 50’s the next few days, I’ll take it!

IMG_20150206_160148 IMG_20150206_160157 IMG_20150206_160209

Okay, I did make them work!

5 thoughts on “One thing and another

  1. I am glad you made it to Open Mic as I always enjoy listening to whatever you do. They sure draw a crowd down there, don’t they?Tom and Marilyn Novotny, that were sponsors last night, are friends so found a place to sit with them. When the weather is more like winter that gets to be a long trip from Sturgis…..even more for you guys.

    1. Thanks! It’s a good time, but as you say, a long drive.., Cindy drove back to Sturgis and stayed there as she had to be at work at 6 there next morning… I think \we got home about 1 or a bit before.. I just went to bed! 😀

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