Bale wagon

It worked good. When I was done feeding, I backed it into the shed and cut off a bit of the points and resharpened them… dream worked will with the shanked bits and curb straps.. I went out this afternoon and took the tractor and pushed a bunch of cowpies out of the way so it won’t be quite so ruff out there now… been working on getting checks entered for tax time coming up… every year I swear I am going to do them every month, and I never do, so I am not going to say I will do it this year and maybe I will! 😀

2 thoughts on “Bale wagon

  1. Glad you got the wagon working good. I did the same thing with the taxes this year. Usually I am real good about doing them every month…now I am still on April with a lot to go. Dang it.

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