I went out to feed with the new bale wagon this morning.. already had a bale on it.. I added 6 bags of salt to the front so it kept the front end from coming up, fine… but the bale unroller didn’t squeeze quite as tight, on the bale, as I’d like, but I went ahead and unrolled it or at least attempted to.. got about half ways unrolled and it fell off the points.. that’s not gonn’a work, so I went home, unhooked the team and pulled the tractor out of the shade and backed the bale wagon in… I had too do some cutting and welding a couple times to get it to squeeze down as tight as I wanted.. by then it was dinner time.. went back out after dinner and finished up.. tightened the ash pole that I am using for a tongue, as I noticed it kind of wobbled around.. still ain’t great but works.. Tate is supposed to cut me out a nice straight one, if he can get his mill to running, …..something not working and he is grumbling and cussing and calling the company.. he and Chance took the boys on the school ski trip today, sure was a nice day, got up in the 40’s I suppose and there is lots of water standing and snow squishing down… anyway, I went out and grabbed another bale and now the points don’t open quite as far as I need..,.. it works, but not very handy, so I am going to shorten and repoint the parts that go into the bale, a smidge… wish they were made of smaller, harder material.. oh well, it’s working.. I unrolled part of a bale to the hospital bunch and will feed the rest and another bale tomorrow.. I hooked up to my little flat bed and hauled some bean up west… swapped bits and got some light chain and made some chin straps, which i normally don’t use.. these are bits I made years ago and you can hook at the bit or down  further to get some leverage.. copying back, we got to where the cows were hanging out and there are lots of still frozen cow pies and it is rough, the kids wanted to go too hard, so I just stopped them, switched the lines to the lower part so I had some leverage and they acted lots nicer.. better for them to learn to quit pulling on my arms… now, I am tired, but it’s a good tired… keep these kinds of days up and I may start getting in shape!

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