Long day

Woke up about 4:30 and never got my nap in.. it’s about 8 pm as I type this and think it might just be bed time…

Fed cows with the tractor this morning, wind was howling and I was headed to town to watch Gabe and Lige wrestle…

They pinned and got pinned,. guess they ended out of the placings, but what I watched they really went for it and worked hard..

Almost turned around and came home because when i left and got down the road aways, I started to see an aura out of my left eye, last time that happened I had a real bad headache.. wind was whistling on my door and driving me crazy, so I just reached up and stuck my finger in my ear to plug off the noise… did that ’til my arm got tired and then pulled it out and my starting head ache went away.. weird…

While waiting on the wrestlers i ran out to Campbell Supply and got me a battery operated drill set, like Chances, that I have been using on my bale wagon. Not cheap! But I hated to use his and then he’d need it and I’d need one.. at least they are tuff and long lasting and now we can use each others battery’s… tried to get pellets for the stove but they were out and said everyone in town was and they were backordered, so i called the place in Spearfish and they said they had them, so I ran up there and got a load. came back and only missed one of Gabes matches. Guess he pinned him real fast. I swerar I am a jinx to those boys as the next match Gabe got pinned. Real tuff match and the kid goes to state every year. one guy said that he did real good, lasting as long as he did.. beauty of it was, Gabe learned a good lesson and used the same moved the kid used on him, in his next match and pinned him in about a minute… I left and don’t know for sure what happened after words.. Gun show in Rapid tomorrow so i may ride in with the boys just for the giggles, don’t really need another one and can’t really afford it but it’s fun to look… but I do plan on feeding with the team if it isn’t too icy, just like always , about the time i really get to going with the team, it gets icy and I need to get them sharp shod… Laramieeeeee  ( that’s my shoers name!)

3 thoughts on “Long day

  1. To bad you can’t just snap a set of spikes onto the shoes for slippery conditions. I like the “new” background picture. Mayhaps you ought to start a new section of the picture you take. Don’t bust yer kester on that ice now..

  2. Bad luck or not, I bet the boys love having grandpa there to watch! I also, love your header! We are going to a gun show this weekend, also, even though we don’t need anymore 😉

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