Got it!

The new bale wagon…. had to lengthen the ecentric arm that closes and opens the arms so there was more power from the cylinder and then I put a bigger cylinder on.. it ruins a bit slower, but I have more power.. Now, to get some weight to put on the front to help hold it down on them bigger bales…I have to run the pump with a battery powered drill, so far. something about these pumps., you must have to spin them pretty fast to get them started… might have to think on that a bit and come up with something else. sure would be nice if I didn’t have to rely on anything but muscle power.. me and the horses…

3 thoughts on “Got it!

  1. Glad to hear the bale wagon is working out for you. Matt loves his cellphone case and knife case! They work great for him. He needed something durable for at work.

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