And it came to, pass…

That a child was born in Bethlehem….

And over 2000 years later, we still celebrate that… joyfully, hopefully..

That’s saying quite a lot…

Cindy had to work today and again tomorrow, our Mass is at 9 tomorrow morning, so I took her up to Mud Butte, so she could go to Mass this evening.. when we got home, she started some bread for tomorrow’s gathering and then we went to Hope and Chances to practice music for Mass tomorrow…

I hope you all have a blessed Christmas celebration, whether with family or friends or even if you are alone and remember what the celebration is all really about..

Merry Christmas…

5 thoughts on “And it came to, pass…

  1. Hope you and your whole family had a wonderful Christmas and hope the New Year brings wonderful things. We received the package in the mail today. They are just great. Matt loves them and they work perfectly. Hop on over to my blog, I took some pictures for you.

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