Baby it’s cold outside!

Not sure how cold but somewhere between o and 10 above… just a slight breeze out of the northwest… on bare flesh you can feel it.. I bundled up and went and harnessed Ron and Roz and went an hauled there news cows a couple bales of hay, supposed to get below zero the next couple nights.. they probably can get by without it, but there are a few train ones I worry about… took all my parts for the hydraulics on the new bale unrulier to Punkin Center on Saturday and Lynn was kind enough andy smart enough to get them all rigged up for me, Tate came along and helped me get them all hooked on to the wagon, when we got the ATYF fluid in it, we could make it work if we used an electric drill and spun the pump real fast, and then it would work by hand for awhile then quit.. use the drill again and it would work, but soon it wouldn’t work by hand.. talked to the local mechanic this morning and he said it might be the relief valve build into the power steering pump.. Thanks to Matt and Lisa, I have a control valve that works great.., I was going to work on it when I got done feeding, but didn’t want to get ATF, all over my new warm gloves.. I will go back out later, after dinner and see if I can take it apart and figure it out… if I don’t post again until next year, I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!

On a sad note, Tate and Kass’s dogs got into a porcupine real bad last night and they had to put them down.. sad… we give our hearts to dogs to tear, I read one time.. it’s sure true…

One thought on “Baby it’s cold outside!

  1. I am so glad that it works! On a sad note, I am so sorry to hear about Tate and Kass’s dogs 😦 Poor things, one of the worst things to have to endure.

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