Christmas 2014

Me and the Missus decided this year

We’d make every grandchilds Christmas gift

Teach these young’uns what it’s all about

Maybe give their brain a slight shift

They’d learn about the REAL meaning of Christmas

As baby Jesus came and gave all to us

It’s all about giving of yourself

Not all this spending big bucks, fuss

So Gramma’s gonna make the girls dresses

Boy’s ‘ll get chaps with a tooled belt

Stuff they can use and learn to appreciate

That’ll make their little hearts melt

So Gramma goes to buy the material

Seems lots of other Gramma’s was doing the same

So the pattern and color she wanted was scarce

One ol’ hussy even called her a bad name

When they both reached for the same bolt of cloth

But Gramma got it grabbed up first

And that seemed to set off a panic in the store

Things went from bad to plumb wurst!

The store had to call in the police!

Claimed they was havin’ ‘em a riot

And a whole store full of older ladies

Had to go on that hoosegow diet!

I had to go in and bail her out

The cows didn’t get fed that day

She was still on the fight on the way home

She grouched and growled the whole way

Me?….. I had a better plan

I just ordered my stuff off the computer

A few sides of leather was all I’d need

Some of them cheap buckles made from pewter

And when them hides finally arrived

I opened the packages with a laugh

Then turned the air blue with my cussin’!

Which soon set off my better half

They’d sent the wrong dang leather!

And not enough for even one pair

And the price they charged was outlandish

I started to tear out my hair

I tried to order some more

The stores was all out of the right kind

We was fast runnin’ out of daylight

So… we had to up and change our mind

We had to do like every body else does

Yup… we went into that big ol’ town

And bought and spent like crazy people

Fought crowds and traffic with a frown

We both learned one thing for certain

And the moral lies here within If you want’a build homemade gifts

It better be before July when you begin!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Robert and Cindy

6 thoughts on “Christmas 2014

  1. “Then turned the air blue with my cussin’!”.. been there, done that. A Mi-T-Fine piece of poetical writin there Mr. Dennis. It has got to be the Best on I have read in a spell. Great Job…In Case I forget, Merry Christmas to you an yours…

  2. Oh I enjoyed your Christmas poem! Merry Christmas! You are building a new house!!! Fantastic…we built ours, so we know where all the mistakes are….I got some “stuff” I really wanted but no front porch…a patio…but no porch for sitting out when it is raining in the summer..or a spot to put my rocking chair:)

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