Runnin’ around

I took off Friday afternoon and went to Lead to rehearse for the big Cowboy Christmas Ball at the Homestake Opera House there… we had a great bunch of performers and by all accounts it was fantastic! We made the rounds Friday evening after rehearsal and then went back on Saturday morning for sound checks and another run thru’… did a show at 2 and again at 7 pm… had a dance after the show. Cindy came up and got to go to the evening performance and she stayed over night with me at the Motel room. We were up and on to Belle on Sunday morning to Mass with Fr Tyler. He had a great Homily.. (as usual, tho’ I might be a bit biased) We got home in the afternoon and I got in a nap and then off to That Man Is You, our men’s group. We sure are learning a lot about what is wrong with this world and why, in many case… pretty surprising, so much that is going on in the name of food is really probably right up ol’ Satan’s agenda… Chance and Tate took off Saturday for Georgia to get a sawmill so they can make timbers from logs, to build the house with. Talked to Chance Sunday afternoon and they were in Nashville at a music shop and they had lots of real expensive musical instruments there.. he said there was one in a case in the back , an old Martin, priced at $75,000! Haven’t talked to them since, so I bet they made it and are learning how to run it… I was supposed to go up north and get a heifer and a pup, but decided not to are we had freezing rain last night… I’ll try tomorrow… I fed the new cows a bale and put out more bean for them… went and hacked my old trailer jack off and kind of got a new one welded on.. it works, but my welds ain’t pretty! Might have to take it to someone with a wire welder and have them prettify it up! Kass was down with the little kids all day and Cindy and her built candy, even got them to make a batch of sour cream caramels! Sure was good with ice cream! I got a couple big ol’ beef ribs in the smoker for supper… got it on high so we’ll see how that works! Got this years Christmas poem done and emailed off to most on my list. I will post it here and also on Facebook. Lee Stevens usually illustrates it for me, but it is late enough I hated to ask him to…Cold with a tiny bit of snow today.. supposed to be cold tomorrow, but less wind and no snow..

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