More cows

Boys got more cowes bought on Monday. We’ve been talking about getting a new chute and I guy I talked to about one told me  to let him know when we had cows to brand and he’d bring one up for us to use and try out. So i called him and he pulled in with an holder model of the one we were interested in.. everything went well.. got to see what one would be like after it had some wear and tear on it…. they have changed a few slight things since this model came out and it all sounds like it would be better, tho’ this one worked real good… we ordered one, be able to have it sometime after the first of the year, it sounds like…. I harnessed up the older team this morning and hauled bean to the cows up west then trotted down to Tate and Kass’s ands picked up two little girls for a short wagon ride.. it is nice out but kind of windy and they only had dresses on, so I didn’t go real far, b ut they liked it.. just ate lunch and thinking I might sneak a nap in now… got a gig at Lead this Saturday afternoon and evening at the Opera House..,Cowboy Christmas.. ought to be great fun.. afternoon show is at One pm I believe and then again at Seven with a dance afterwards… Cindy is getting Sunday off so she can come and stay up later and then go to Mass on Sunday, somewhere in the Hills.. weather is supposed to change this Sunday and then get nice again.. hope it stays nice all winter!

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