Cold ol’ wind a blowin’ out there… boys got some more cattle bought yesterday, so they went today to brand them and get them hauled home.. I drove over to the Amish and gt my team back.. he had only gotten them drove 10 times, in over a month, but they sure are better than when i took them.. got a lot of life and act just like their older mates here… them Amish are good folks.. I get a kick out of visiting with them and watching and learning how they get their work done.. Dusty is flying in Monday and going to start the dirt work on the house on Tuesday morning.. got a backhoe coming in that morning.. hopefully we can have the basement dug an the septic and waterlines done before he has to fly back to Texas… me and the boys could do it, but he’d like to be involved and I want him to be and he has done so much of this stuff I am sure it will be worth it to have him here.. might even get him to top off a few colts while he’s here! 😀