Another sale

Tate was out of water this morning and we decided it was the well, he ended up gong and getting a new electrical part for it and got it going then e headed to the Hills to look at cattle chutes and go to a cow sale.. usually they sell the bred heifers first and then the cows, so we were pretty surprised when we got there and they were selling cows first.. just sat down and a bunch we were interested in came thru’ but went to high.. I was going to bid for Chance as he headed east to get a front end loader ad the equipment to work trees with.. he didn’t get the load- long story- but did get the attachments… they will all fit on our tractor but he is still looking for a loader…The bunch of cows Tate was interested in had already sold.. went to the cafe to eat and ran into a neighbor and in the course of the conversation he mentioned he might have cows like the boys are looking for. we finished eating went and looked at more chutes and learned a lot… got home about dark.. need to hook up the fat team and put them to work tomorrow… got some bean coming in so we need to get the granary fixed up for it… Cindy talked to the Amish guy who has the young team and he’s been real busy and hasn’t had a chance to drive them a lot yet.. sure wish they were done and my bale wagon was done so I could use them both… it was snowy and wintry in the Hills but only reached out to the Belle River…

4 thoughts on “Another sale

  1. Glad to hear the water problem was a reasonably easy fix. I sent your part out this morning. The post office said you should have it by Friday! Hope it works for you. If not, sorry and we sure tried. If it does, fantastic!

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