Oh, man!

I took off with my trailer to go get stuff in one direction this morning, while Tate took off with Chances pickup and trailer in another direction to get stuff, We left Dusty and Chance digging on the house project… I got a call that Chances pickup had quit Tate, so i dropped my trailer off, headed south, and pickup the trailer in Rapid, along with Tate, while Chances pickup got hauled to the fit it place… we went to Custer, looked at big cedar logs, we want one to set in the middle of the great room to support a bridge that will go from the loft to the other gable end… then we went and got some boards for forms for foundation concrete work, then on to get some big Styrofoam block you set and pour concrete in for the basement walls. Finally got it all cached down and took off and got down the road aways when I seen some board come flying off the load. We got stopped, checked out what happened, turned that 31 foot trailer around and loaded up lost board, went back to the lumber yard and got my tie downs and reworked the load and head back out and stopped and added another couple boards that had fallen off.. got to Rapid and stopped and field Teddy up and then field us up and we just got home and it’s 8 pm… long day and not as much accomplished as we wanted, but it will all work out…. Dusty is still out digging..he has a terrible work ethic! 😀

4 thoughts on “Oh, man!

    1. No, not planning on it Ellie… don’t think we could draw it up, but remind e and I will try and post pictures… if your on Facebook, I have been posting lots of photo’s as we go, on there….

  1. I’m not on Facebook, but I would enjoy seeing your pictures. Would it be possible to show on your web site like you used to do? Thanks, Allen

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