Nice day!

Got pretty warm, melted some snow, cows are out grazing, just a real nice day.. putted around and did some odds and ends this morning.. Tate helped me this afternoon and we took a power steering pup of an old motor to use on the new bale wagon.. I need to find a splitter… or hydralic control, if you will…. I had one off an old Farmhand but can’t seem to find it.. boys may have thrown it out some years back when the cleaned on the shed or I mitt have misplaced it or it just might be under other junk.. really need to clean the shed! Chance and Gus and I brought i the new cows and I fed them.,. there is supposed to be a chance os rain and snow tonight and lots of wind… so we got them in just in case, the cows up the creek are fine, they have protection and can drift in behind the shelter belts around the buildings… sure wish it would stay nice like this all winter and then get real nice in the spring! 😀

5 thoughts on “Nice day!

    1. LIsa, I need one that is a single control, that can be sweet and left to work with out holding it down… they used to have one like that for the push off on the old Farmhand stacker/loaders… if he’s got one, send it posthaste with a bill!

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an easy winter!! So far ours has been okay too and we are really grateful. I still listen to your CD all the time. Great music and lots of stories in the songs. Thanks again.

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