Chance and I went up north and helped the McT’s sort pairs today and then move them to their respective pastures.. up a bit after 4 and got home about 6:30.. fairly long day, but good kind of work. not real hot and had a breeze for part of it so the skeeters didn’t eat us… had fun trying to ride as I was shown at the workshop… hard to remember to do… we are supposed to take a bull and heifer up there tomorrow and leave for the summer and help them move their yearling heifers… might take a kid along.. glad we didn’t today, they would have gotten real tired.. no sense making them hate it… this evening Cindy and I practiced shooting.. she has a new one a 9mm and has to get used to it… it is just like my 40 which she likes and kicks a little less than the 40 does… I wouldn’t want her mad at me and shooting.. might get a feller hurt! Then we drove down and checked the cement in the new tank, cattle had went to it and drank the little I left in it so we just turned it on and left it.. if it leaks I will just have to fix it…

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