Tate ad Kass and kids came out yesterday afternoon.. Dan B who I had only visited with online, was in the neighborhood so he stopped in also. we shot lots of ammo with pistol, ate a great feast and then they shot off fireworks.. Good times, good times… I had taken Dan with me and we looked at the tank I had fixed.. there is another leak, dang it!  While looking we noticed a foot sore bull, just getting sore..  so this morning I ran to Punkin Center to get some redi-mix cement, but CRS was closed.. I had thought of calling them but they are always open on Saturday mornings.. guess that will learn me… came home, got the gun to vaccinate with and drove down and found the bull ans successfully shot him twice.. that ought to heal him up… these guns are a modified 50 cal blackpowder and you can shoot darts of different sizes to give shots with.. have to use a drug that you don’t need a lot and it is expensive but so far, knock on wood, has worked well in the past… and I don’t have to rope and tie on to big bulls! I like to rope and doctor, just not big bulls.. they have so much power and I know of horses who have gotten hurt in the joints from roping and holding and pulling big bulls around.. just not worth it to me… macho went out the window a long time ago… now efficiency rates a lot higher… Dan is supposed to call at noon and if nothing changes we are going to take a little drive and show him some of this part of the country where he has seen photo’s of it… we thought of riding, but the flies are terrible and it is HOT!

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