Water work

We had been fighting a couple of wells down south, coudn’t seem to get them going.. I finally called the electric company and sure enough, both had been struck by lightning at the power pole and messed them up… so when they got them fixed I went and turned on the water to a tank and when I went to check on it, it was leaking! I finally got the stuff to fix it today and dug alongside and put in an over flow, seeing as I had to get new cement in the bottom… Addy Bear went with me to dig with the tractor this morning and then she went with me to get the pipe.. She went with me to fix it, but we needed some more stuff so when we came home, Gramma and the boys went back with us and Gramma helped me get it all glued together and installed then she and the kids left and left me to back fill in… took a bit but got it done, hopefully I won’t have to mess with it again,  at least this summer.. I don’t use it in winter, tho’ I might be tempted to seeing as there is an over flow on it now…

I have tried uploading some pictures on here in the last month or so, but for some reason they won’t load, it’s like it just locks up when I try to add media.. wish I could figure it out…

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