Fun hard work

I headed out on Friday morning, going to near Scottsbluff to a workshop with Bruce Sandifer… I have known of and visited with him for several years.. he has been searching all of his life, as I have been, for how the old ones rode the hackamore and spade bit… he has re-engineered how they did it and I believe he has it figured out.. it is relatively simple, yet different than most think of how to ride a horse and for certain how to use the hackamore and spade bit… it was time well spent and with a great group of folks.. every one there threw any ego they had out the window and listened and tried to do as Bruce showed us and we all saw terrific results in ourselves and our hoses… I hope to get to work with and hang out with Bruce and this bunch of people again… and I am pretty excited to get on some of these young horses and see what I can accomplish… this system is so simple, that a child can do it, and I am sure that is how it was started and why it came about when you think of those old Jesuit priests having to teach horsemanship and stockmanship to the neophytes who were all they had to help them build and run the missions in northern Mexico and southern California, of today…

Windy and cool today and supposed to be the same for tomorrow, good day to go fence.. might keep the skeeters away.. they tell me it rained while I was gone.. the country looks great and did all the way down to Scottsbluff… like Mother Nature is trying to make up for her fury from last fall and winter…

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