Cattle work

Tate, Kass and kids came out Sunday evening and spent the night so we could work cows yesterday… Fr Tyler showed up also… We got saddled up and gathered the cows and gt them in, sorted off the dry’s and then split the calves off, and vaccinated the cows and branded the cow Tate and Chance bought last winter… Gabe and I pushed them all up the chute for them. today Tate and Kass and Hope and Chance took their dry’s to the sale… Gabe, Lige, Gus and Sam and I went down and fixed some fence, hauled some salt out and looked at stuff… hopefully I can get some saddle work snuck in this afternoon… I went and got a couple air conditioners from up stairs and have one in the living room and one in the leather shop… it’s going to get warm and with all the rain we’ve had it’s muggy…


One thought on “Cattle work

  1. I bet it is nice having all the wonderful help. We put the air conditioner in the living room and we usually put one in the bedroom, haven’t yet though. But by this weekend it is supposed to get hot and muggy and I think we will be putting the one in the bedroom in soon! Don’t mind dealing with the heat during the day but night time is a whole different ball game! Hope everything and everyone is doing good on the ranch!

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