Last Branding

For me for this spring, anyway… went to Trav’s and helped him today… yesterday i went to Pierre where Ken and I had a gig in the evening.. got home about 10 last night and then up at 4 to saddle and head to the branding.. I needed a nap this afternoon!

We’ve been getting lots of rain and all around us with flooding in places… Hiway 85 washed out the other night and lots of flooding north of Belle, up towards Buffalo… Trav had to reschedule his branding twice as did Lonny down in the breaks, got them done the other day also… in between we’ve worked on some fence and the over flow off the big rank down south… Chance and one of the boys moved some cows yesterday after I left and worked on some fence.. skeeters are the pits in places.. as are the deer flies and nose flies… I rode into town with Chance and the kids on Wednesday and picked up Cindy and we went and looked at houses… yeah, we are thinking again… sure seem high and not sure we can build what we want for what I would be willing to spend.. but there are a lot of bug tree’s in the hills and Chance has a plan for making them into timbers and then making a squared timber house… lots of things have to fall into place.. we’ll see… lots wrong with the house we are in and hate to put money into something that is really not situated good or that you know is going to pot all the time… oh well, I will pray on it and let God decide…

2 thoughts on “Last Branding

  1. RD, when you get ready to build, give me a holler. I’ve been working on house plans for steel framed buildings that would look nice, be easy keepers, and allow for flexibility in the future. You can make em look any way you want them to and all the corners are square.

    As for Belinda and me. We are now in Missouri and living in a monolithic dome home and getting ready to start on another monolithic dome expansion. Like the people here, miss the neighbors back home.

    The Blindman

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