More wet….

I had a meeting at the Sioux Spiritual Center yesterday morning that went until afternoon… then I drove down to Philip and killed time until it was time for the bronc match… had clouds all around us, just like last year, but they split and only dripped a few drops.. not so much at home… had a hard fast rain and we got about an inch and a half and another half in this morning.. it i wet and muddy.. some are starting to complain and forget the dry times… many want to get in the hay fields… I am enjoying it… had a meeting with the Folklorist for the Apprenticeship deal I am doing with a younger neighbor, building saddles… I just putted around this afternoon and then Cindy and I drove over to get the grandkids from the neighbors where they stayed today while their parents went to the bakery and made and delivered cake.. they are expecting a later night so I guess we got them for the evening.. we have pizza’s cooking and they are watching old Looney Tunes, cartoons… Mass tomorrow morning and then see what the day brings…

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