This morning Gus and Sam and I ran the horses in (actually we walked as they were real close and some already in the corral) and saddled up. Sam wanted to ride Charlie the pony so I gt him all rigged up, turned them loose in the round corral and let them have at it. went pretty fair so i saddled Beaver for Gus, put them in the round corral with Sam and saddled Pilgrim for me.. really wanted to ride Pard but thought I might need a solid horse, riding with these two little wild men.. turns out, I was glad I rode who I did… we kicked all the new branded pairs out north and when we got them thru’ the gate Sam was tired of Charlie and Gus was tired of Beaver so we swapped saddles and riders.. Sam got along better with Beav and Gus enjoyed Charlie as he wanted to go faster… after dinner Sam and I took the tractor south and worked on putting some dirt around the tank down there and found a broken gate stick, so figured out why cows were not where they were supposed to be… we went back with Little Red and fixed the gate and came home, saddled up again and all rode south to put the cattle back. they were scattered all over the southern part of the pastures.. we got them back in a round about way and rode home.. by then Gus was tired of fighting with Charlie and I am sure Charlie was tired of Gus.. both boys did well… Sam kept whacking Beaver with the end of his romal trying to keep him from eating but Beaver soon figured out he could ignore him as he couldn’t whack him very hard… but Sam kept a whacking! 😀  Chance and I have a branding in the breaks tomorrow if it don’t rain out…

2 thoughts on “Ridin’…

  1. Sam just need longer legs and some spurs. I don’t think he tried that on my after the first one when I sunk both hooks in his belly. 😉

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