Getting the calves branded…. got rained out yesterday.. ( I am hearing that God is trying to tell us to quit trying to brand on a Sunday) Mike had to fly out this morning so we headed to town and the crew showed up here about noon, the girls fed them and I got back about the same time, we saddled up and went to work.. went real well and had a beautiful day for it… Mike did get to help up north at McTighes on Saturday, so he didn’t get skunked… got a couple more if it works out I can get to them.. stuff is piling up around here… cows not where they ought to be, fences that need patched up, leather work that needs to be done, a couple wind breaks to build…. oh well… it will all get doe in time.. maybe not my time, but in time…. only got one fence crawling little black rip left to calve..don’t like like she’s in any hurry for it to happen.. she’ll surprise me one of these days I bet… sure going to be quiet around here with out my Prunie friend, Mike, tho’…. one of the best things is that Jason, Chances buddy and partner in crime from when they both worked for Johnnie, came out to help and topped of Pard. Pard was plumb good.. he gathered on him and rode Beaver to rope off.. afterwords I rode him back to the house and he was good.. ,Thanks Jason!

2 thoughts on “Done

  1. Like they say, “your work is never done!” 🙂 You have to forgive my sporadic comments. For some reason my blog isn’t updating your posts for me. I forget to check in! Don’t work to hard, one thing at a time!

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