Spring work

Been trying to keep Mike busy and working, but we been getting rain and so it changes our schedules… not that I am complaining! Mike, Chance and Sam and I went over and helped Frank brand today… then when we got back Mike and I kicked the pasture cattle into a fresh patch of grass, futher south… we are supposed to plant a bunch of trees tomorrow… then go up to Joe’s and brand on Saturday and try to get ours done on Sunday… Mike roped today and had trouble.. he’s not used to roping calves and had a hard time catching two feet, but he drag some out… I bet he does better at the next one… got over and inch of rain last night with lots of lightning, one popped right over the house or there abouts.. there was no time between the flash and the noise… had an inch or so Tuesday night which canceled a branding on Wednesday… Travis had to reshedule, he was planning on Monday, Tuesady and Wednesday… now he is going for end of next week, sounds like.. sure would like to go for one day at least…


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