And cool…. I’ll take it… Sam and I drove to Rap[id and yesterday and picked up my buddy Mike from the airport.. he will stay for about 10 days… we planned to brand tomorrow, but decided it was too wet and rainy ad muddy.. of course this afternoon the sun and wind dried it out quite a bit, after we called all the help and canceled it… Tate, Arycat and Lige came out and went fishing… so after lunch Mike and Lige and I went and rode and looked at pastures and cattle… lots of green, a real purty color… Tate and Lige went fishing this afternoon after we got back and came home with a whole mess of fish and Tate is just now finishing up filleting them.. suppose we will be eating some fish tomorrow tho’ I got some pork ribs marinating to smoke tomorrow… we have several branding lined up for Mike to go help at… if they don’t rain out…

One thought on “Wet

  1. Fishing, one of our favorite things to do. We finally got to fish this past weekend. Caught a lot of pan fish but not much else. Just fun to throw the hook into the water! Have a wonderful visit.

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