Got up about 90 the last couple days.. I guess our two days of Spring are over and now it’s Summer.

Sunday. Rick went with me and we went to Mass at Belle and afterwards Fr Tyler took us fly fishing in Spearfish Creek… didn’t catch any fish or flies but did manage to fall down and get wet.. didn’t even ruin my phone… We went and ate afterwards and then Rick and I got us some new, dry pants and drove up and found the old mining camp of Tinton… stopped and pout flowers on the graves on the way back thru’ Sturgis and then stopped and visited with Bob, Rick’s Dad.. it was good to see him and listen to some stories…

Cindy has been hacking and coughing for several days so I took her to the Doc yesterday… they sent her some antibiotics, not sure what it is, but his is how they’d deal with about anything it could be…we’d planted the garden on Monday and needed a few more plants so stopped and got them and I planted the onions this morning then Chance and I went to load a large propane tank we will need filled for branding cows and calves..  I thought it was pretty full, but Chance thought it was pretty empty, so we went to load it in his flatbed and dropped it and the sharp edge dropped on the big toe of my left foot.. yeah, I know, really hurt.. pretty sure it’s broken, but they can’t really do much for it so i am just using a cane a bit and limping.. this afternoon, we got the horses in and then Chance and the boys and I rope up and found and brought a cow back who got in with the pairs.. she hasn’t calved yet and I was afraid she’d do it along a creek and lose the calf.. Sam rode Pilgrim and I carried the get down in case they had a wreck but he did fine.. Gus rode Beaver and of course got along great…

I wrote all this yesterday but it didn’t post.. today, we fixed some fence, got the old bucket fixed so it fits on the new tractor and loader, then unrolled some pipe so we can water trees when they get planted… I used it to clean a bit in the shed and cleaned on the main corral some… Cindy is fixing shrimp scampi… life is pretty good, got a t=under shower trying to come in.. I pick up Mike for his 10 day stay tomorrow and get some fixing for the tank down south… looks like rain or chance of it the next few days.. supposed to help Travis brand on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, or at least one of them days.. Raymond, an artist friend is coming in to take branding pictures… he will get here Sunday morning sounds like… he ought to get some good ones at Travis’…. I voted early so if we stay late on Tuesday I won’t have to rush back to vote…


One thought on “Hot

  1. You had a painful week…..the horse head in the mouth and dropping the tank on toe. OWWIE! Hopefully next week will be less painful.

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