Cow work

Yesterday Chance and I went south east to the breaks and helped Pete and crew.. we gathered cattle and penned them, sorted about 100 pairs off and they put CIDR’s in some for AIing them… when we turned them out, a bunch of calves wanted to go back, so i jumped on Pilgrim and headed out to help stop them, in my haste I did not pull the get down from the bosalita thru’ my chap belt and it fell of the saddle horn so I reached forward and down to pick it up and Pilgrim threw his head up at that time and smacked me in the mouth with the top of his head… not fun…. we got them stopped and paired up.

I am about to head out with a good lifelong friend. we will go to Mass at Belle with Fr Tyler and then he will show us a good fly fishing spot…it’s going to be a great day.. I will stop and put wreathes on grandparents graves sometime today. Hope you all enjoy your Memorial Day weekend…

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