A real bad blizzard blew in… 70 mph + winds and over two feet of snow with rain before it came… I still hate it when I think back..

Today we had the winds, but about half that and no rain or snow. fairly warm, but a little nip out in the breeze.. I saddled up Mijo and went out and kicked a bunch of pairs out.. I lost my calving book the other day while Sam and I were feeding hay and last evening Chance and I went back and fed in about the same places and I kept a close look out and by the grace of God found it.. who sez prayer don’t work!

But in the mean time we kept having calves so I ain’t too sure it’s all correct now.. until I get every pair kicked out and then I will know. doesn’t really matter all that much, come branding time there will be however many there will be… first branding of the season tomorrow, don’t look like the wind will blow too hard or get too warm so it ought to be good, if I can just remember how to catch two feet in a loop!