Chance and I replaced the cylinders I bent on the loader this morning… little bit more of a job than we planned… had to take them all over to Red Owl and use Kevin’s press, to push out the bushings in the old ones and into the new ones… then we went to Punkin Center and got a 18 inch cement culvert and I took it north to Harry’s and fixed the washed out crossing up there.. hopefully when it washes out now, the culvert will stay there and I can just add dirt around it.. I won’t say, IF it washes out as I am sure at some point it will.. that point on the creek has over 5600 acres of drainage, if I remember right from years ago when the ASCS came and looked at putting  dam type crossing in and wanted me to flood irrigate.. fine, only problem was it was going to cost a lot of money,m I prefer to let God do my irrigating…

Brent came this afternoon and got hi struck and hauled a load of gravel and then we left the tractor for him to load some more.. I see he got one more this evening.. not sure if he will haul tomorrow or not… we were more careful not to bend any thing this time!

This afternoon, I took  Sam and he helped me take some small square bales to the pairs and we kicked them up the creek, Chance and Gus rode, but didn’t have to do much. Then Sam and I took a bale out to the drop bunch.. don’t sound like a lot but it still filled up the day…

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