When i checked at 6 there were no new calves.. came home, ate a bit and did my morning routine, and saddled Pilgrim to go kick pairs out.. there were a couple new ones.. kicked pairs out, then Fr Tyler (who came home to visit last night) went and set posts for the new wind break.. we checked a gain about noon and we had 5 total for the day, not bad for a small bunch.. we went to Punkin Center and Fr Tyler bought us lunch… came home and finished setting posts.. did I mention someone who told me where to dig the holes has crooked eyes?  Had to dig out quite a few by hand to make them line up, guess who is going to line up the next holes on the other one we are planning to build? 😉 Might set them all crooked just for spite and let him dig them out! LOL

Sure was a nice day, warm and not much wind.. got a bit of wind tomorrow and then it looks like we got wind for a week, 20’s and 30 mph.. supposed to be a chance of rain coming in and it lookes like it this evening…  some snow and rain  predicted for this weeked,.. kind of far out to put much faith in it…

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