Supposed to get up to 60 by this afternoon, then cooler and snow and wind coming tomorrow afternoon, night… wheee, spring on the Northern Plains…

Tate and the girls came out this morning and he helped me run the cows in and we sprayed them with wormer and lice control… ran out of the wormer part way thru’ so just used the lice stuff for the rest.. did it all horse back and it worked real slick.. Cindy cooked a roast and now I am way too full! Tate and Airy Cat and CC are about to take off as they need to get back so Mass, when Gabe is serving tonight in Custer…

One thought on “Warm…

  1. Took me a while to catch up. I have been a little lazy lately in reading and blogging. I thought I better get my butt in gear and get back into the loop! Glad to hear the weather is a little warmer. We are supposed to have 50’s this week. Hopefully the 20’s will stay gone, but we can never count mother nature out of winter weather yet!

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