Same old…. warmer weather then it cools off, get a little snow and then it melts off… most of the neighbors are calving, we are the only ones not… and that is a bit odd… the boys bought some cows that were supposed to start in March, so it was claimed and doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen… so far nothing.. this morning for the first time I went and checked to see if there were any, nope… got the last load of hay coming in today and got the new tractor to unload it… Chance and I borrowed a trailer from Clint and went and got it on Saturday… Chances pickup pulled it well, but he was amazed at how hard of a pull it was.. but them tractors stick up in the air, not like a horse trailer.. seems to be a good one so far. different that any I have run, has a joystick for the loader controls, heater and AC, still has the new car smell.. it only had 330 hours on it… 85 horse power Kubota…I’ve piddled around with it the last couple days and sure think we will like it… went over and helped Delbert shear on Friday, took Bill and he is one wool grabbing rascal.. man he almost jerked my arm off trying to hold him back fro eating sheep, while we pushed them up…not much else to report.. supposed to keep warming up, just starting to see a tinge of green here and there, guess it must be spring!