But not much of one… Wind started blowing pretty hard Sunday evening and snow started a bit before 7 Monday morning.. didn’t get a lot, maybe 4 inches, but how can you tell when the wind blew like it did.. never got real bad, no calves… Chance and I sorted off 4 and put them in the barn just in case, but rally didn’t think they would calve and they didn’t.. pretty nice out there now, tho’ it go in the single digits last night.. I rode Woody to sort.. I’d about forgot how much fun he is to turn loose on a cow… supposed to take some young horses and meet Levi in the morning so he can have some to ride and I can get some rode.. probably he will have 4 and I will get two back… Addy Bear is hanging out with us today… I am working on leather… got a couple sets of bucking rolls laid out to finish up for me and drew out  the patterns for the stirrup leathers on my new saddle…

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