Friday evening Cindy and I ran into Sturgis for a birthday [party for Gus who turned 7 on Saturday.. Saturday morning we ran back into Sturgis to watch Gabe wrestle at Districts. two very hard matches which he lost on both, but he sure worked hard at it, the second one he lost in overtime… He will do better next year i bet.. he’s a pretty determined feller and real hard headed… must take after his Gramma’s side of the family..  😉

We had men’s fellowship Sunday evening and a good turnout and a good gathering… this morning I had to run to Philip to do some ban king for this new tractor.. sure would like to get it here and all done with… maybe Chance and I will have to borrow a trailer and go get it this weekend..

We have some weather coming in tonight, doesn’t loo like it will get toot bad here but you never know, got the cows all in and fed well.. my team and saddle hores I had in the corral escaped so I had to go run them in, then I went over to Pubnkin Center to get some more lick barrels for the cows as the ones they had are empty… all the kids are here .. Addy Bear spent the day with Gramma… poor kid, learning all kinds of bad habit no doubt…

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