The rural schools had their Oration contest today and the music teacher asked me to come over after and do some poetry and music and work with the young kids learning guitar.. it was fun for me at least, hope they learned something…  Paul was down yesterday afternoon and got more done on his saddle. coming along good, he has done quite a bit of leather works so much of it he already understands.. doing a good job so far…may go look at a tractor tomorrow…we had warm temps yesterday and the water was running and then it froze, Cindy said the roads weren’t fun going in and it is an icy booger out there, but supposed to be 40’s and 50’s the next two days…

4 thoughts on “Music

    1. Howdy, Howdy, Howdy,
      Sounds interesting give you a holler one of these days. Sounds like you are gonna warm up.

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