A new page

I added a new page to the top of this blog, go check it out, newest saddles and leather work… old page was getting big and took a long time to load, so this is where I will be adding any new saddles or leather items I build… got several on order, need to get them done, but between trying to get us a different tractor and everything else, don’t seem like I am getting a lot done.. tho’ my new apprentice has made a couple trips out… got some photos of him at work, but he is shy so probably won’t post them.. but i do have them! 😀

Sure is nice weather, 50′ at least the last couple days, supposed to get rain switching to snow tonight.. got a young couple coming to pick up a horse in a bit.. I am feeding cows later in the day trying to get them ready for calving…  sure is muddy out! I love it! Sure beats frozen and/or dusty!

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