To ashes, dust to dust… today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent leading to Easter Sunday… some non Catholics have asked me what this is all about.. well for me, it’s a time of renewal… a time to remember that “from ashes and dust you came, to ashes and dust you will return”… that this life is temporary, even tho’ at times it seems long. to think of the sacrifice that Jesus made for all of us and to do some sacrificing on my part to help me remember what He did.. to be a better servant to those around me, prayerfully taking more time for God in my life, as it came from him and someday this body will return to dust and ashes, but hopefully I will be with Him… I try to give up some of my usual things, whether it be food or a habit… maybe start a new better habit, to try and improve myself for Him and those around me… so, when I get the ashes in the form of a cross on my head, all these things will be going thru’ or have gone thru’ my mind… I will pray for you, as I do so much of the time, please pray for me, I am a sinner Lord and unworthy, yet you still love me… now THAT is a miracle…

4 thoughts on “Ashes

  1. You explained that so well, much better than all the textbooks and teachers I’ve had could have done.

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