Seems like spring

Frosty out this morning… stiff breeze this morning and colder…got the cows fed and they and my team and the other horses all acted silly… wondered what was going on, well, this evening,Cindy called and asked me what the weather was doing so i went and looked and we had some snow falling, she said it was raining in town and she was headed home, she had worked a later shift today, later on she called and asked me to come get her at Punkin Center as she was sick from watching the snow blowing as she drove and the roads were slick, so Chance and I headed down to meet her… big ol’ snow flakes falling and blowing and you couldn’t hardly see, not real cold, more like a spring snowstorm.. wind not real bad, but real hard to see, i drove about 45 most the way on roads I’d usually drive 60 on at least, unless I was in a hurry. Got her and he drove her outfit and she jumped in with me and we just got home and I am about half sick from trying to see in that sideways driven snow… now I know why the stock all was acting silly, they always do before something like this…

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