Nice weather

At least for February around here… 40’s in the day, gettiong some wind, but that cuts the ice,,, it’s got Indian Creek running, forded it yesterday and today while feeding, it hasn’t washed any crossings out so far… stays like this it probably won’t.. Paul came down yesterday and got started on his saddle.. wish it was done and several others, too… I ruined three pieces of leather trying to skive out a cantle binding… me., and my coat and pants smell like mud and horse, not all bad but I suppose they;d frown on it in polite society, oh well, I ain’t figuring on going anywhere it should bother anyone anyway… those who show up here, if it bothers them, well too bad.

Gabe, out oldest grandson turns 9 today… my how time flies! Gus and Sam have pneumonia… and Gus has RSV too, what ever that is, something else do do with lungs.. So Hope stayed home yesterday and doctored on them… her sister CJ is watching them today…

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