Uh oh…

When we went up to feed this morningg (Chance rode along) he noticed a cow trying to calve… she wasn’t real concerned acting, so when we got the bale unrolled we doubled back. Sure enough, it was one he’d bought with the head of a calf sticking out. Wayyyy too early. So after lunch I rode up and brought her in, she tried me andf Pilgrim several times but just wasn’t smart enough to out smart me and that cowy booger…we got her tied up in the shed and he pulled it out… probably 2 months maybe 3 early. That’s what happens when you get winters like this with lots of ice.. he commented and wondered why Tate and my cows never did things like that. I assured him it was because ours were just better cattle. I think that made him feel better. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Warm and windy, water and ice everywhere… sure slippery on top of the water covered ice…

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