What a gorgeous day! Warm, not hardly a breeze and the sun shining… well at least it was when I went out to feed.. I checked the weather and saw it was going to be warmest a little after noon, so didn’t get in any hurry hitching up.  Putted around and did stuff in the house… almost missed the mail! We’ve been watching the series Justified on Netflix… after it had been on several seasons I heard about how good it was so checked in to it and went ahead and got thew whole series.. we are almost caught up to what is playing now… we’ve enjoyed it, tho’ with Cindy having some knowledge about how law enforcement and jails really work, she kept me abreast of the BS in it… at least on that kind of thing… I like Netflix, for about 12 a month I usually have something to watch.. especially with these series and I don’t have to wade thru’ the commercials…

Valentines day today… wonder how we got so far away from Sty Valentine… I know, I read the stories, but still seems kind of odd when you consider the story of St Valentine… don’t matter I guess… it’s kind of like Thanksgiving to me, I think every day should be Thanksgiving and try and remember that. I feel the same for Valentines day, if you love some one, they shouldn’t ever have to wonder about your feelings, whether sweet heart, spouse ( tho’ for many of us that is the same) kids, grandkids.. whom ever… we all need love and we all need to let those we love know that we do… kind of late after your dead and gone….

I am feeling much better, got the gut almost back to normal… soon as I started eating what and how I usually do, it made a huge difference.. got some dark beer ordered for Cindy to bring home, one of them a day is good for you.. I like it dark and strong. Guinness Stout probably my favorite… tho maybe one of the reasons I like it so much is no one around here wants to steal any out of my fridge, so I don’t usually have to share! 😀

Made a pretty fair circle with the team while feeding, most of the cows were up west where I fed yesterday so I just fed out of the corner stack up there… been wanting to get it fed and save more around here.. and there is some grass up there and as nice as it is and supposed to stay, they can go on partial ration and graze. When I got back to the last gate the team were slowing down their snorty fat ways so I just talked them thru’ the gate after I opened it. Ain’t done that with them for a long time and they did well.. been practicing it a bit by just stepping on and not picking up the lines, just trying to use voice commands… they hadn’t been doing very good at it, but they were just so full of P and V!  I need to make a circle of a couple miles every morning before I feed and then maybe a coupe after and I bet in a week they’d act like a team who has been used as much as they have… fat and sassy isn’t much good for any of us I guess except in limited quantities…

Thank you all for your kind comments and well wishes and prayer while I was off my feed. I sure do appreciate it..

Hope you have a lovely Valentines day.. I am so far!

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